Why people are allowed to stick with Windows

By Ghost on Monday 13 July 2009 12:34 - Comments (6)
Categories: Linux, Personal, Views: 4.198

Today I came across an article that addresses several misunderstandings people can have about Linux. Although I do not agree with every single point stated in the article, it does conclude with a notion that reflects my opinion about the whole operating system debate.

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Driven by unit testing

By Ghost on Monday 27 April 2009 22:27 - Comments (21)
Category: Personal, Views: 4.698

For a while now I am toying with the Test Driven Development-methodology. I have to admit I kinda like the idea and found it fun to work that way. Last weekend, I decided to look up more information and books about the subject. To my surprise I found TDD to be a widely discussed and controversial subject.

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Oh lovely, a RRoD (update)

By Ghost on Wednesday 5 November 2008 20:25 - Comments (18)
Category: Personal, Views: 8.284

This is just great. Yesterday, in a weekend I need the thing the most, my Xbox 360 decided to show the Red Ring of Death. I do not know how Microsoft's Customer Support has evolved since last year, but I have found reports posted in summer 2007 of Xboxes being in repair for several weeks. So, apart from not having my favourite distraction for this weekend, I risk missing out on Fallout 3's launch day.

I guess that the only thing I can do is call Customer Support and get myself a box or sticker or whatever is needed to ship my game console back for repair. Well... at least it is free. A few months later and I would have had to pay for a brand new one.

Update: Hurray, the device is back. In fact, it has been back for almost a week now. And guess what? I got it right on Fallout 3's launch date :D. In total, the console was away for about ten days (give or take), and all expenses were paid by Microsoft. I even got a Xbox Live Gold membership for a month.

Fallout 3 trailer pondering

By Ghost on Monday 1 September 2008 15:40 - Comments (3)
Category: Personal, Views: 9.627

During my biweekly stroll through the new trailers present on gaming website Gametrailers, I noticed that Bethesda Softworks had released a play-through of two of the first quests an exploring Vault dweller encounters in Fallout 3. I decided to test my reservations about this new title and loaded the clips.

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Fighting for privacy?

By Ghost on Tuesday 15 July 2008 13:14 - Comments (11)
Category: Personal, Views: 4.478

Last week I had the pleasure of discussing my viewpoints about privacy with one of my house mates. One particular remark of her remained stuck in the back of my head, leaving me wondering about the validity and consequences of it: 'We will lose eventually, and there is nothing we can do about it. So why should we even resist?'.

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