Why people are allowed to stick with Windows

By Ghost on Monday 13 July 2009 12:34 - Comments (6)
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Today I came across an article that addresses several misunderstandings people can have about Linux. Although I do not agree with every single point stated in the article, it does conclude with a notion that reflects my opinion about the whole operating system debate.

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Hour registration using ImageMagick

By Ghost on Thursday 2 July 2009 20:21 - Comments (5)
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For my work I have to provide weekly work slips stating the exact hours I have worked in order to get paid. For this, I am required to use an existing template in pdf format which I have to print, fill in, sign and mail, fax or e-mail back to HQ. At the office, my supervisor has to check and sign the document before forwarding it to the payroll company by fax. I can imagine that at the payroll company the form is yet again converted to dead tree format, before being copied into their own system by an accountant.

Apart from the unnecessary paper and ink that goes to waste every month, I found the whole process I had to go through every week a bit too time consuming. I have to retrieve and print the pdf form, find a pen to write with, fill in the form, sign it, scan it back in (and scale back the image so it won't be a whopping 3MB jpeg), and mail it to my supervisor. After three times going through this whole process, I had enough and wrote a Python script that would assemble a complete form for me using ImageMagick.

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