Oh lovely, a RRoD (update)

By Ghost on Wednesday 5 November 2008 20:25 - Comments (18)
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This is just great. Yesterday, in a weekend I need the thing the most, my Xbox 360 decided to show the Red Ring of Death. I do not know how Microsoft's Customer Support has evolved since last year, but I have found reports posted in summer 2007 of Xboxes being in repair for several weeks. So, apart from not having my favourite distraction for this weekend, I risk missing out on Fallout 3's launch day.

I guess that the only thing I can do is call Customer Support and get myself a box or sticker or whatever is needed to ship my game console back for repair. Well... at least it is free. A few months later and I would have had to pay for a brand new one.

Update: Hurray, the device is back. In fact, it has been back for almost a week now. And guess what? I got it right on Fallout 3's launch date :D. In total, the console was away for about ten days (give or take), and all expenses were paid by Microsoft. I even got a Xbox Live Gold membership for a month.