Quick and dirty wallpaper concatenation

By Ghost on Wednesday 15 October 2008 20:42 - Comments (3)
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It took me a while, but I finally bit the bullet and bought myself a larger, 22-inch screen. Although my brother still beats me in screen estate, I feel confident I can settle for an additional 22" for the next four or five years.

I want to use both my monitors together and to do that, I have used Nvidia's TwinView setting. This setting merges the screen estate of both monitors into one large virtual desktop with a resolution of 2960x1050. This is a problem for some wallpapers, though, especially the ones that are designed for one specific resolution. The best way to use these is by combining them in one large image using an image manipulation tool.

Of course I could use the GIMP for such an occasion, but it is way too much work aligning both wallpapers by hand. And why should I when tools like ImageMagick are at my disposal?

montage wallpaper_1280.jpg wallpaper_1680.jpg \
             -tile 2x1 -geometry "1680x1050+0+0" \
             -mode concatenate wallpaper.jpg

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