Per contact custom SMS sounds in Symbian

By Ghost on Thursday 28 August 2008 15:59 - Comments (8)
Category: General tricks, Views: 5.371

A little over two months ago, I thought it was time to enter the era of the smartphones. After careful consideration I eventually decided to get myself a Nokia N95, which has not let me down since... as long as it was charged. The pim functionality is adequate, gps works as long as you manage to get a lock and it plays my music and podcasts perfectly. It even came with a snazzy headset - yeah, I know, I have low standards in that regard.

However, there was one thing bothering me: although Symbian, the OS running on my phone, is perfectly capable to select different ringtones per contact, it cannot do the same for incoming sms messages. For me, reading sms messages in general has quite a low priority and when busy, I am often not inclined make a run for my mobile whenever I hear an incoming message. I am, though, very interested in sms messages from certain contacts (for example from my girlfriend or my parents). It would be excellent if I could distinguish these high priority messages from the general, less pressing ones. Time to go to the proverbial drawing board.

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Kickstarting the PyS60 bluetooth console on Ubuntu

By Ghost on Monday 11 August 2008 17:59 - Comments (2)
Categories: General tricks, Linux, Views: 4.449

Recently, I discovered that there was a Python scripting engine for the Symbian OS, called PyS60. Given my interest in the programming language, I gave it a try. Using the instructions on the Nokia wiki, I had an installation up and running within the general lifespan of a cup of tea. There was only one feature giving me trouble: the bluetooth interactive console. Getting that to work under Ubuntu proved to be hard to figure out, but in the end easy to solve.

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Scripting a ssh tunnel

By Ghost on Saturday 9 August 2008 11:42 - Comments are closed
Category: Linux, Views: 4.120

Sometimes I wonder why I put up with some inconveniences in my work flow. One particular issue I have for a long time is working with ssh-tunnels. It always goes like this: I start a ssh tunnel or other proxy, run a program that uses this proxy and use it until I am done with it, and finally close the proxy afterwards. For a long time I was doing this manually using a terminal, until I finally got fed up with the tedious routine and wrote this simple bash script:

/usr/bin/ssh -N -D 3124 username@localhost &
# Enter your program here
kill $!

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