Rabbit's Revenge

By Ghost on Sunday 8 June 2008 12:04 - Comments (2)
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Last month (30th of May, to be precise), the Blender Peach Project published its movie online. Ten days before that enthusiasts could already order the dvd of this second Open Movie, but odds are that most of the community was probably rooting for the online event. I saw the movie yesterday and, since it was apparently missed by the t.net news queue, I thought I should give it some love. And believe me, the movie deserves it.

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Cleaning up version-controlled directories

By Ghost on Sunday 1 June 2008 18:26 - Comments (2)
Categories: General tricks, Linux, Views: 4.201

When writing LaTeX documents, you often end up with all kinds of redundant files. These files are generated during the compilation of a dvi or a pdf document and can generally be discarded afterwards. Most of my tex documents are under version control and, consequently, it is possible to get a list of the files that are (and are not) under this control. Using a single Bash command, you can abuse subversion to determine which files you want to delete:

rm -i `svn status | awk '/^\?/ {print $2}'`

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