Saxion en CAA, losmakelijk verbonden nl

Door Ghost op vrijdag 23 mei 2008 21:41 - Reacties (2)
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Zoals ik al eerder schreef, was boterde het niet lekker tussen het door CAA-beveiligde netwerk van het Saxion en Linux-gebruikers. Servers die toegankelijk waren via het Internet werden afgeschermd voor het interne netwerk en Linux-gebruikers werden min of meer gedwongen om door allerlei hoepels te springen om hun werk normaal te doen. Sinds kort niet meer: de weg naar de schoolwebsites, de Subversion-server en de Linux-systemen is twee dagen geleden vrijgemaakt voor Saxion-gebruikers zonder CAA :).

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Requirement list in Latex

By Ghost on Sunday 18 May 2008 09:57 - Comments (4)
Category: General tricks, Views: 13.700

This is just a small trick I have used in my last LaTeX-document to make separate list-environments keep incrementing, depending on the numbers of the previous list-environment. I think it is a bit hard to explain, so I will try to do by explaining the reason I needed this feature.

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Fun with Synaptics

By Ghost on Tuesday 13 May 2008 19:02 - Comments (8)
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If you have ever worked with a laptop, you are bound to have played with it's touchpad. It is often configured to generate scroll events when placing a finger along the right and bottom side of the touchpad, as well as single click events when tapping on the touchpad with your finger. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg with things you can convince your driver to do.

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Airplane blues

By Ghost on Thursday 1 May 2008 18:38 - Comments (3)
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Right, the day has inevitably arrived. This morning I kissed my girl goodbye as she took a flight from Schiphol airport to Australia for a long, well deserved holiday. All in all very exciting, of course, however the thought of spending my weekends without her is not welcoming. Sure, I got more time on my hands, but having your girlfriend in a foreign country for four months is a bitter pill to swallow. I think we will both manage and she will probably have a blast with the kangaroos and the like, but the first few days could get pretty lonely.

Still, I could not let the opportunity pass to buy the new GTA game. After the departure, I stopped by one of the entertainment stores and obtained a copy. I thought it would be hard to get one, given the popularity of the game, but to my surprise the store had at least a dozen copies. Long story short, I coughed up the sixty euros for the game and now I am one of the proud owners of Rockstars gem... at least, I think it is a gem. I think I will write a small review after I have played it.

It will probably be a lonely night without my girl, but at least I have a new video game to keep me company.


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